Swam a mile today

For the first time since 10th grade, I swam a mile today (actually 1800 yards -- a little more than a mile.) I used to race in junior high and high school, but I haven't swum regularly since then. When I have worked out in the pool, it's always been around 800-1000 yards and around 30 minutes.

This evening, I was determined to swim a mile or an hour, which ever came first. Turns out I can swim the mile in about 45 minutes of various 200 yard sets (kicking, intervals, straight 200s, etc.). While this is not exactly record setting, I was surprised how easy it was, frankly. I used to struggle to get to 1000 yards, but I think the mental expectation that I was doing 1800 yards today reset my internal clock. I'm also in a little better shape these days, so I'm sure that helped...

My shins have been bugging me since the race last weekend, so I haven't been running. I'm glad to have another way to continue to build my aerobic base, especially now that the days are short and dark.

(Tried out a new pair of Speedo Vanquisher goggles today. Hated them with a capital H. Strap kept coming off, goggles kept leaking, anti-fog didn't. I like my old Speedo goggles; I think they were the Pro model. Too many damn choices at the store today, although not the Pro.)

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