Pace Race Followup

The results from the Pace Race last weekend are up. My "gun time" was 27:12.5 for 8:46 splits. I finished right smack the middle of the pack: 17/34 for my age group and 58/115 for all men. I had secretly hoped to finish in the top half of both; this was pretty damn close. Lots faster than the last two races too.

I still can't figure out why my Forerunner times/splits are always a bit faster than the scored times. I thought I had run 8:35 splits. Bugs me.

With some help from Bruce, my colleague and always-willing-even-though-he's-busy training coach, I think I figured out why I crashed near the end of the race -- I bonked. (I like that Wikipedia has an entry for bonk.) I had gotten up pretty early before the race and eaten commensurately early. I didn't top off with a Gu right before the race like I did at the Pumpkin Push. I'll have to avoid bonking again; it sucked. Of course, the real answer is to just get into better shape so that racing 5K doesn't kill me. Damn it. Why is hard work always the right answer?!

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