Michelle and I plus Felicity (a friend from work) went to see Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure this evening at the Moore Theater. This is a very funny one man show about where googlewhacking lead Dave during a few month stretch a few years ago.

Googlewhacking is the game of trying to find two word searches in Google that return exactly one result. I have been unable to find a googlewhack in the few tries I've made since coming home from the show. I'll post whatever I find.

Anyway, if you get a chance, go see the show. It's a fun evening.


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John Reply

I saw it the next night and stayed afterwards to chat with Mr. Gorman. I read his first book in summer 2003 when I was visiting my friend Martin in York (UK). Martin and Dave Gorman have similar story-telling capabilities. I loved the first book and bought this second one (the Googlewhack one) in hardcover. It was interesting to read his take on Seattle, Austin, and particularly Washington, D.C. ... If you have the chance, Danny Wallace's books (the "Danny" in "Are You Dave Gorman?") are pretty funny too.

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