Drowned rat

I did my best impression of a drowned rat today. As is typical of Seattle in November, it rained today. Actually it was a bit heavier than our normal spitty, drizzly rain. But, if you live in Seattle and let the rain stop you from going outside, you'll never leave your house.

So, Bruce and I did a bike ride around Mercer Island this morning. It was a rolling twelve mile ride; Bruce was kind to me and kept the pace managable. He also brought a bunch of useful wet/cold weather biking gear. Since I'm new to this, I have almost nothing (this was actually the first time I've done a ride with someone other than my kids and the first time I've taken my bike somewhere else to ride.) Nonetheless, I came back soaked from the rain (especially my legs) and soaked from sweat (especially my torso). I hadn't brought any other clothes, so I drove home wet.

Shortly after I got home and showered, Andrew (8) and I headed back out, this time for a hike with his Cub Scout pack. We went to Twin Falls State Park, about about 45 minutes east of Seattle. There, we hiked up to Twin Falls with eight other boys plus ten other adults. It was raining moderately for the first part of the hike, but it really opened up when we reached the farthest point (of course)of our out-and-back hike. Despite being pretty well equipped for the weather, Andrew and I both came back to the car wet. I can only imagine how the less-well equipped families did (one guy just had a fleece jacket and jeans on and an umbrella to keep him dry). Learning from the morning's ride, I brought extra clothes this time. A quick change in the car made the ride home more bearable. (Our Honda Element was perfect for a soggy outdoorsy day. Lots of room to move around, plus waterproof seats...)

I think everything I own that's moderately waterproof is soaked. There's a difference between waterproof for daily use and waterproof for hours in a rainy forest or zinging along on a bike. I do have sailing foul weather gear, but I think I'd steam to death in them on a hike or a bike ride. Oh well, if you play outside in the rain, expect to get wet.

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