November 2005 Archive

Macallan Fine Oak 10 Year Old Scotch Whisky
The value of education
"Collapse" by Jared Diamond
Printing selections in IE
Google: the boggart of the digital age
Pick your religion
Upgrade: Garmin Forerunner 305
My first ride
Weekend of bad habits run amok
Messing around with Google AdSense
Hard core sailing
My new Trek 1500
Toys for Tots Trot
The Goblet of Fire
Truer words were never said
Read the directions!
Drowned rat
Mistakes captured in MS Paint
Mountains of junk
Unintentionally racy links
Happy Birthday, Dad!
I may never go to Chicago again...
Wacky optical illusion
You're stuck with it
Salumi - A bite of heaven
Swam a mile today
Pace Race Followup
I did my duty. Do yours.
Pace Race 5K
Chicken Little and Serenity
Disappointed at DeLille