Race mess-up

Well, I should have known it was too good to be true. The race I ran yesterday had some problems.

As the Woodinville Country Slough Run rganizers stated on their website:

The big question of the day was:
What was up with the 5k course?

Answer: A couple overzealous volunteers had the 5k participants turn at the 10k 5 Mile marker instead of the 5k turn around. We measured the difference and concluded that the 5k course everyone ran was about 0.5 k or 0.3 miles short. We apologize for this and will make sure the volunteers are well informed next year.

So it turns out I ran less than I thought. My GPS said the same thing, but I figured it was wrong. My adjusted time (assuming I could have run another .3 miles at that pace) was 27:40 -- still not bad and well within my goals, but not as cool as 25:10.

I'm already planning on running another 5K in two weeks -- the Pumpkin Push. Hopefully, this one will be run correctly so I can get a real 5K time.

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