Love the Squid!!

PowerSquid in use
I've always carried power strips and/or extension cords in my demo and travel bags; there are just never enough power outlets at the demo site or the hotel room (especially since I have to power my computer, cameras, wifi hub, cellphone, and sometime other people's computers). However, the problem with power strips is the outlets get blocked by the bulky transformers that much of my gear has.

Enter the PowerSquid. This is such an obvious idea, I'm surprised no one thought of it earlier. It's a power strip where each outlet is on its own cord. Simple. It was a huge lifesaver on this last trip and has earned a permanent place in my bag.

I picked mine up at Fry's here in Seattle for under $10 I think. You can also get them online.

Thanks to Gizmodo for the original pointer.

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