Durian hell

Although I was warned before I went to Malaysia about the local "delicacy" called durian, I was drawn like moth to flame. My travel mantra is to always try to local foods, so durian was a must, even though durian is famous for its stench (enough to get the fruit banned from local hotels) and strong taste.

That said, I knew it would be a bit daunting, so I tried what I thought would be a safer form -- durian cheesecake. It tasted like liver and onion cheesecake. The taste was oddly strong and not at all what I expected. A second bit confirmed the overwhelming flavor. That was enough for me. The durian burps later that evening were rueful reminders of my experiment gone bad.

I can almost see how durian would be an acquired taste like strong cheese. There was something complex about the flavor, but I don't think I'll be working too hard to pick up a taste for durian.

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Al Reply

People tried to convince me to try durian when they found out that I was going to Thailand. I refused and I refused when I got there. The stench was enough to turn me away!

Jeff Petrin Reply

I hate to be rude, but... I told you, I told you, I told you !! I respect your sense of adventure though and being a traveller, not just a tourist.

Tony Reply

Yes, Jeff, you did. I even heard your warnings again as I put the damn thing in my mouth and heard you say "I told you, I told you, I told you!!" after I choked down the mouthful.

Oh well.

L Reply

ew! Sounds like something that should be on Steve, Don't Eat It!

from singapore Reply

durian is the king of all fruits. singaporeans LOVE durian. puffs, rolls, cakes, icecream, mooncakes, rotiprata in durian flavour. u name it and we got it. glad to noe im living in a country that embraces this wonderful fruit so i can easily fulfil my durian cravings! :)

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