Dinner at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club

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Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club dragon
Rob and I had a unique Hong Kong experience on top of a day of frenzied electronics shopping (that netted a new Dopod 585 smartphone for me) -- we had dinner at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club.

I took advantage of the reciprocal privileges the RHKYC has with my club, the Seattle Yacht Club. It's a lovely clubhouse on the Hong Kong side overlooking the harbor towards Kowloon. They're actually a lot like SYC in the sense that it's a very nice club with history, but RHKYC is still a boating club for families (they even have a pool, bowling alley, and playground). I saw lots of kids and families there. It was nice but not at all stuffy, and the staff was very friendly to us.

Dinner in the Compass Room (their more formal dining room) was quite good. I had New Zealand oysters (good, but not as tasty as good Puget Sound or Hood Canal oysters) to start, a bowl of pigeon consomme with abalone (very subtle and nice), and grilled kangaroo -- a first for me (it was mild, tender, and tasty). Good wine (Penfolds bin 707, think) and some dessert (which escapes me now but that I'm sure was good) topped off a good meal.

This was the first time I've exercised my reciprocal visit benefits. I'm excited to try other clubs now, maybe in Hawaii?

Thanks to the RHKYC for your great hospitality.

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