30 min

This morning, I ran thirty minutes continuously for the first time since college (probably ever, frankly). I think I ran about three miles, but I don't have my distances worked out well yet. In any case, I'm pretty happy about it. I've been doing two mile/twenty minute runs up until this morning, so this was a huge increase. My legs were a bit wobbly today. I don't normally feel the effects of my two mile runs so I know I'm closer to my limits now. I'll run at this time/distance for a while until I get stronger.

Since this is pretty close to the 5K distance I'll be running next month, I'm now confident I'll be able to finish the race and hopefully even do it reasonably fast.

(I've been eyeing the Garmin Forerunner 301, a GPS unit/heart monitor that attaches to your wrist. This would give me reasonably reliable time and distance info in addition to scratching my geek itch.)

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