The Bellevue Death March (aka Andrew's bday party)

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As I mentioned in my last post, Andrew (8!) had his birthday party this afternoon with eight of his friends from school (all boys). It was mostly pretty harmless aside from the typical party favor fights (you know, those paper things you blow on that unroll and the roll back up? -- lots of poked eyes) and eight year-olds hyped up on sugar running around making up insane games.

However, the Mercer Slough Science Center and Interpretive Trail where we had the party was a mosquito infested hell pit. The boys and I went out on a hike with a naturalist to learn about bugs. We learned all about bugs and how much we hate them. We were getting eaten alive by mosquitos. The naturalist took three to the forehead like headshots right out of the gate. The organic, world safe, no dye, no pain, nice smelling bug spray Michelle gave us formed a thin and only partially succesful barrier against these aerial menaces. We beat a hasty retreat to get off the trail, harassed by enemy air superiority the whole way.

I guess having a party in a slough in mid-July was dumb. Duh.

(As an aside, the etiquette around RSVPs seems to be lost these days. If you're coming RSVP yes. If you RSVP yes, show up. If you're not coming, RSVP no. Ain't that hard.)

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