Mychal Schwartz for Renton Municipal Court judge

Mychal SchwartzMy good friend Mychal Schwartz is running for Renton Municipal Court judge (Renton is a town in the Seattle area near where I live.)

Mychal is a very smart guy with a good heart and a very dry sense of humor. Even in college, he was always thoughtful and sincere. He's done great things since school in his public service through the King County and local municipal courts. I'm confident he'll make a great judge (and not just because I want someone to write off my speeding tickets...)

Unfortunately, since I'm not a resident of Renton, I can't vote for him, but those of you who do live in Renton should seriously consider him. You can learn more about Mychal at his website,

On a side note, it's kind of amazing to me that my former classmates are running for office and holding all kinds of important jobs. Guess I'm getting old. Maybe someday I'll have an important job too...

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a camper of his Reply

i can't believe this is the same guy who used to wear plaid button shirts and levis with a baseball cap !!!! MAZEL TOV !!! HOPE HE GETS TO BE JUDGE ! he's a smart guy ! "azeg vell singin... cheeeerie beeeerie bimmmmmm" !!!!

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