Ballantines to the rescue

Ballantines 17 year old Scotch
It's been four days, and I'm still jet lagged beyond belief. I'm clearly getting old.

Maybe some more Scotch will help me go to sleep. I picked up a very nice bottle of Ballantines 17 year-old in the Bejing duty-free (I love buying whiskey in duty free because there's such a great variety and because I hate paying Washington's liquor tax.)

I even brought Jim Murray's Whiskey Bible in my carry-on so I could figure out which to buy. The book (and subsequent tastings) have convinced me to drop my snobbery around blends vs. single malts. Both can be great. No reason to be a bigot.

Back to my yummy Ballantines (rated 96/100 in the book).

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I'm sitting here enjoying a glass of Balantines 17 year (one of my very favorite blends, as I blogged about before) and nibbling on two Nestle Crunch chocolate Easter eggs I pilfered from the kids (sshhh, don't tell). OMG, it's lovely. Chocolate and Sc... Read More

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frank Reply

Truly one of my all-time favorites, Ballantines 17. Great choice. Available currently at $74.99/bottle at in Newport Beach. This whisky will not disappoint the most discerning scotch lover, I promise.

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