A good review with BillG

Every so often, product teams at Microsoft have a review with Bill. We had ours last week. Unlike my last meeting with Bill, there were no near-disasters preceeding the meeting other than a last minute time change that got us there a half-hour early.

My boss showed off his Jedi Master skills in keeping the meeting flowing (not always easy with Bill and half-a-dozen VPs in the room). Bill seemed super pleased (even pleasantly surprised) with our plans for the next version of Internet Explorer. My part went fine with little drama.

Bill had his usual assortment of insightful comments and notes on who else we needed to talk to in the company. He seemed upset only three times; fortunately, only one was aimed at us (this is something of a record, I think). In my 14.5 years at Microsoft, it was easily the best Bill review I've been in.

Now, we just need to go ship it...

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Dimitri Glazkov Reply

Next version? So, the rumors of IE being dead were greatly exagerrated? Can you share any of tasty bits?

Tony Reply

Sorry, Dimitri. I can't say anything yet. Soon hopefully...

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