How to sell your boss

I ran across this useful and well-written blog called Working Smart. The author of the site, Michael Hyatt, wrote a great article called How to Sell Your Boss. I think he's right that your success depends on being able to convince your boss of things. It's a good list of ideas; good enough that I'll pass it on to my team and peers. Briefly, his main points are:

  1. Meet your boss' needs

  2. Pick your battles

  3. Do your homework

  4. "Bullet proof" your proposal

  5. Make the pitch

  6. Accept responsibility for the outcome

Obviously, he has more detail in the post. The ideas seem obvious, but I can't tell you how often I've seen people (including myself) fail at one or more of these steps. Worth a read.

In addition to this article, he has good stuff on how to make David Allen's Getting Things Done work in Microsoft Outlook, tips on cool apps and add-ons to make Office work better, and some good life insight.

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