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Jay Allen, author of my beloved MT-Blacklist, recently wrote a great article on how to fight blog spam using MT-Blacklist. I learned a few tips that will greatly improve my success on this front.

Getting the most out of MT-Blacklist by Jay Allen.

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Bearded Geek Reply

Wow, greylisting, how wonderfully novel a concept! There are loads of free Bayesian filters out there, most of them give you far more finely grained control than this.

I understand that you want it to be integrated with Moveable Type, but it's really not that hard to set it to 'moderate all' and then use a small Perl script (or whatever) to pipe things through.

Tony Reply

I'm sure there's a better way, but this is managable for now. Running this blog is not my day job (hell, I'm barely posting at all) so I'm not dying to make it tons better

Thanks for the tips though.

-- Tony

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