Walter the Farting Dog

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Walter the Farting Dog book coverNot sure whether to file this under "Kids" or "Cool Stuff". So, my dear friend Connie (who I mentioned in my last post) gave the boys a nice Christmas gift last night. One of them was a book called Walter the Farting Dog. Really.

This is the charming story of a dog (named Walter, obviously) who, well, farts a lot. It's a big problem for the family, they try all sorts of remedies, but nothing works. Dad wants to take the dog to the pound, but the kids love him. Walter, not wanting to leave the family, holds his farts in until one fateful evening. Robbers break into the house and tie off his muzzle to keep him from barking. As you might guess, Walter saves the day with his unique affliction, endearing him to the family forever.

I'm not making this up.

Michael (4), of course, loves this story, especially in light of his fondness of farting (which Connie gleaned as one of four regular readers of this blog.)

Thanks, Connie!

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Mychal Schwartz Reply

Beano works for dogs! REALLY!!!

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