Twas the night before Christmas

We had a small, very enjoyable dinner party Christmas eve. As usual, we topped it off with dessert and decaf coffee. Once we got our guests out safely and the presents out, we went to bed -- relatively early even.

That night, I couldn't sleep a wink. I even started re-reading a JavaScript reference, normally a sure fire way to put me out. Nothing doing. My mind was racing. I solved all the world's problems in my mind that night. I was ready to get up and write it all down, but I really did want to sleep.

In the morning, I was a wreck when the kids came racing out to see what Santa had brought. Michelle and Ives (my brother) looked like hell too. Turns out the coffee was improperly marked; the decaf was really caffeinated coffee! None of us slept that night; we all shared the mind-racing phenomenon.

We took turns taking naps and building Lego creations for the boys. It was a long, long Christmas day...

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