Vote Chor in 2004!

Well, I guess it's a little late to get into the game now on the eve of the election, but I'd like to formally declare my candidacy for President of the United States.

Here's a quick statement on my beliefs:

  • The federal government has a very defined and narrow set of jobs, as defined by the Constitution (you know, that pesky law of the land?) Government should do those things well for a change and stop doing the rest.

  • People have a responsibility to take care of their families, friends, and neighbors. They should be expected and empowered to do so. This is not the government's job.

  • I don't believe the government should have a monopoly (or overwhelming dominance) of speech, succession, or force. History shows bad things inevitably happen when it does.

  • Consenting adults should be able to do pretty much whatever the hell they want until it affects someone else. Then they should stop or be stopped.

  • The same holds true for other countries.

  • People know how to spend their money best. The government should take the smallest amount necessary to do the small number of jobs it's supposed to do and leave people alone to spend the rest as they see fit.

Anyway, I've been planning my campaign since junior high, mostly because I liked the slogan, "Vote Chor in 2004!" I even had a campaign manager. (Sarah, where are you and why haven't you been working on the campaign?) I've been busy with other stuff this year, so I haven't done much in the way of a campaign, but as this is a campaign 20+ years in the making, I figure there's a huge silent majority out there waiting to sweep me into office. One plus I hadn't counted on back then was getting Secret Service protection. I might actually be able to keep Michael (4) from killing me then.

(BTW, if you really are going to vote for me, you should write in "Anthony Chor" not "Tony Chor". I'd hate to lose in Ohio over a technicality.)

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Leslie Evans Reply

I'd vote for you, Tony, even if you ARE a stinkin' Republican. But only if I get to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom. A girls gotta have her standards.

Tony Reply

Thanks for your vote, Leslie. You can stay in the Lincoln Bedroom (or any other bedroom...) any time you want.

For the record, I'm more of a Libertarian, I think. I don't care what you do, but I don't want to pay for it. (vs. the Dems who don't care what you want to do and they want to pay for it and the Republicans who don't want you to do anything and they don't wnat to pay for it...)

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