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This weekend I took the boys to Denny's for breakfast. (Their choice, not mine.) Andrew (7) was reading the menu and deciding, so I pointed at different pictures in the menu for Michael (4) and asked him what he wanted.

Me: "Do you want Smiley Face Pancakes?" (pancakes with a happy face made of whipped cream, cherries, and bacon.)

Michael: "No, I want angry face pancakes."

So, I ask the waiter for "Angry Face Pancakes". He smiles and says, "No problem." A few minutes later, out comes the pancakes, and sure enough, they have a very angry face on them. The waiter can't stop laughing the whole time.

Michael was delighted. Tough kid.

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Leslie Evans Reply

Angry Face Pancakes! That's awesome. When I worked in my dad's restaurant I used to paint happy faces on people's burgers with the ketchup. They would invariably smile. Big ol' truckers, bikers with lots of tattoos, little old ladies. They totally dug that they got a smiley face on their burger.

Nobody ever asked for an angry face. That Michael is one-of-a-kind.

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