Goodbye film

I finally threw away my stock of 35mm film. I had probably 30-40 rolls of good print and chrome film that I bought before I got my first digital SLR (Canon D30) in 2001. I haven't shot a single frame of 35mm since then. I've kept the stuff around thinking I might shoot some of it to try some multi-exposure effects or something, but I finally admitted to myself that I'll never shoot film if I have a digital alternative. Plus this stuff is so old I wouldn't trust it anyway.

Seems dumb, but this somehow felt like a big milestone. Once I get rid of all the film bodies, I'll know I've fully switched.

Anyone want to buy an Elan II for cheap?

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Warren Reply

Ah, pity. Old, nasty chrome film is *the best* thing to play with. Throw it in an old (preferably plastic) camera, spend an afternoon in your backyard or somewhere, then cross-process it. It's really fun.

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