Oh happy day!

I'm so happy that the ten year old Assault Rifle Ban expired yesterday. This was the most useless, feel good piece of crap legislation ever foisted onto the American people. Even if you think banning guns from law-abiding citizens will make even a dent in crime, banning them because they're scary looking vs. some metric about lethality seems crazy even for the anti-gun nuts. I'm sure we all felt safer that people couldn't buy rifles with bayonet lugs after the rash of bayonetings prior to the law. The folding stocks also increased the danger to the population; gotta ban those too. What utter rubbish.

I celebrated by buying two new high capacity magazines today for $30 each. The pre-ban mags were usually around $100 during the last decade -- if you could find them. My old ones were getting pretty beat up. Even though owning the mags makes me want to go on a shooting rampage in a local mall (if you believe that guns make people evil like the anti-gun rights people would have you believe), I think I'll be able to control myself for now.

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Justin Avery Reply

I like your web site, and you seem like a balanced person until this one. America has more murders than any other country in the world, and more deaths as a result of guns. Often simple domestic disputes turn into murders because its do easy to kill people with guns, and same with suicide. I mean how much easier is it to top yourself with the simple pull on a trigger as opposed to the rigmarole of other methods.

Your kids are cute

Leslie Evans Reply

Yep, lost me on this one, too. WTF do you need an assault rifle for?

Oh well. I'll wait for more Michael stories.

Kevin Kirn Reply

If your son was threatening to kill you all the time, maybe you'd feel the need for a little protection :-) But seriously, guns are part of American culture. Simply passing laws won't change that. It's already illegal to shoot people, but the laws don't seem to stop that... There are thousands of other factors that affect our crime rate and murder rate besides guns. Look at Canada - just as many guns, far fewer murders. This is due to a less violent culture, not different gun laws. Banning guns would be about as effective as banning alcohol (which also causes a lot of deaths without providing any real benefits - ban that too?).

Al Reply

You left out the precursor conversation with four or five coworkers on the virtues of gun ownership and our Dev Manager's comment on how a shotgun is the ultimate "point and click" interface...

I did take the time to get advice on Bushmasters from one of your direct reports today though.

For all the whingers here, it is true that guns are a part of American culture and history. They are, in contrast to Europe and other places (and purposefully so), a right as a citizen. You aren't going to get far by calling people unreasonable simply because they enjoy shooting firearms.

For my part, I was given a rifle for my seventh birthday and taught to shoot properly at a young age. Was my dad crazy? No. He was from rural Washinton and Wyoming and that was what fathers taught their sons. I've never been sorry for it.

Hurra Gutt Reply

I wholeheartedly agree. Banning cocaine but not alcholhol, just because coke is more scary - same thing. Just as much a part of american culture as firearms, they call them "Class A" for a reason, you now. Darn liberals. Snort.

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