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I was out with the boys on the Seattle waterfront today and saw some cool shadowy stairs. I just had my little Canon S230 Elph with me, but the shots turned out pretty well.

Stairs 1

Stairs 2

Stairs 3

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Steve Williams Reply


I write training material for teachers who use our reading and math software. I'd love to use the photo I found on your website

in a PowerPoint-based webinar to illustrate a stepped progression of one of our math training programs.

What's the cost?

Steve Williams
Renaissance Learning, Inc.
Madison, Wisconsin

Alexis Reply

Hi Tony,
I love these photos!
I live in Seattle and don't recognize these stairs. Would you mind letting me know where you took these photos?

Tony Reply


I took those at the downtown Seattle waterfront, in the park between the aquarium and the tourist shops. It was a very sunny day in the afternoon, so the shadows were pretty long and hard.

glenn schiraldi replied to comment from Steve Williams Reply

In my retirement from the University of Maryland, about six times per year I give resilience training, some free, some paid, to hi-risk groups like police, military, and firefighters, and was wondering if I might include your photo of stairs in a powerpoint presentation. For the paid presentations, the stairs would be one of 260 slides.
Glenn Schiraldi

Tony Reply

Glenn, drop me a note at tony (at) I'm sure we can work something out.

Glenn Schiraldi Reply

Is it possible to use the first shadowy stairs photo in a powerpoint? What would the price be?

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