Popsicles and Ice Cream

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Well, of course everything went fine (so far) with Michael's tonsil surgery. We were home this morning by 10:30a.

The biggest complication so far is that he wants to run around and play outside (strictly verboten today). He was banging around a bit when he first came home as the anesthesia was wearing off, but he's pretty much back to normal now. It's a bit hard for him to understand why he can't eat anything, but we keep plying him with popsicles and ice cream, so he's mostly copacetic.

Back to making milk shakes and picking up popsicle sticks...

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connie Reply

plus this way he'll have something (else) to brag about with his friends... "I ate only ice cream and popsicles today...mom and dad *made* me!"
hope he heals quickly.

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