My pastis mission accomplished

Since my trip to Provence, I've been jonesing for pastis, the anise flavored liqueur so popular in Provence. I've found a few restaurants around here that have it but have been unlucky about finding a bottle in the state owned liquor stores here (I'll rant about that another time.) I've been combing the liquor stores across Seattle for them, even using their website that purports to accurately reflect the inventory of the stores (it doesn't).

I guess Michelle got sick of me pining for my pastis and being gone for hours at a time wandering from liquor store to liquor store like some kind of desperate alcoholic (I know it might look like that...) She called around (she's the smart one) and found a store that just got a shipment. Happy day!

Much to my glee, I found not only the Ricard 45 I was expecting (this is the most common pastis in the US) but Granier as well. I haven't had Granier yet, so I bought both. Not sure I can tell the difference between the two yet to be honest, but I'll keep drinking both until I can. My dedication to my craft can be tedious, but it's all I know...

For a good article on pastis, check out this Taste Magazine (Williams-Sonoma) article.

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Margaret Reply

I too find myself "jonesing" for a good before dinner aparatif pastis, I just got back from Provence France, and I'm trying to find something close to the real mccoy, I only tried the Ricard in Provence but see there is another brand as well. Any suggestions.

Margaret in Florida

inge johnson Reply

bastille day is approaching and i need to to find a store that sells pastis. looking for store in the dc area.

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