Tip: Fast URLs in Internet Explorer

I'm surprised not everyone knows this trick, but even at Microsoft I occasionally run into people who haven't seen it.

Type a domain name in the address bar like, "tonychor" and hit "Ctrl-Enter". IE will add the "http://www." on the front and ".com" on the end. Lovely.

It's so important to how I work that I can't use browsers that don't, even otherwise great ones like iRider.

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Ken Reply

Yes. Unfortunately, my normal IE experience is as follows:

1. Idea pops in my head, prepare to google something
2. Ctrl-N (new window)
3. Alt-D (give address bar focus)
4. type "goog"
5. watch as IE's finishes load whatever page was open in the window I typed Ctrl-N from
6. IE resets the cursor in the address bar to the beginning for no good reason
7. type "le"
8. Ctrl-Enter
9. IE takes me to "www.legoog.com"
10. Screaming ensues

Robin Reply

Wow, I'd forgotten about that. That was my biggest annoyance in IE.

Ken Reply

Another thing that bugs me, not as much as the cursor reset, but it catches me a lot:

1. Open IE window
2. Pull down the recently used list from the address bar
3. Scroll, searching for the URL that you want to load
4. IE finishes loading the page it was working on
5. Address bar combo box collapses, begins loading whatever URL your mouse happened to be hovering above at the time of collapse
6. Goto step 2

Andre Reply

do you know how to disable the features?
it's really bugging me :(

JackyMooll Reply

Who can help me with .httpaccess ?
where i can fined full information about .httpaccess file syntaxis?

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