The Queen of Table Waters

apollinaris.gifI normally don't place much stock in fancy bottled water; in fact, I prefer our tap water to most bottled waters, especially the salty, brackish, hellish Evian (in case you didn't glean my opinion from that rant, I really hate Evian.)

But, as usual, Michelle brought home another gem that I would never have found on my own -- Apollinaris Classic. It's a sparkling mineral water from Germany whose tagline is, "The Queen of Table Waters." I'm sure it sounds better in German.

Apparently, "100% source carbonic acid and outstanding, specially balanced mineralisation" is the key. Whatever. All the brr brr aside, I like it a lot. It was nice by itself and mixed with cherry liqueur on the rocks for a little pick-me-up on a hot afternoon.

They have a high end version too called "Apollinaris Private". I would normally be skeptical, but I think I may have to try it.

Just keep those nasty French waters away from me.

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Scott Reply

I prefer Pellegrino myself (, but occasionally take home a botto of the Queen of Table Waters.

Despiegelaere Reply

Please, where can I buy this water please ? I am living in Antwerp Belgium and justed to buy t Crrefourt or Delhaize.
Today ????

henrique correia Reply

I live in CURACAO ned Antilles
I want to import APOLLINARIS

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