Rocket 2, Tony 1

rocket.gifIt seemed appropriate this weekend to finally build and launch the Meteor Rocket that Michelle bought the boys a while back. It's a kit from Scientific Explorer that results in a C02 powered rocket that is supposed to go a hundred feet into the air. The C02 is created by mixing vinegar and baking soda in a 1 liter pop bottle with fins (really). It's got a pretty cool system that keeps the vinegar from mixing with the baking soda until you're ready and that allows the C02 to build inside before shooting out the bottom.

We went to a baseball field near our house for the inaugural flight. I thought I was very swish for having had brought all sorts of nifty tools to help load the vinegar and baking soda. Feeling pretty confident, I began the first fueling. The kids and Michelle stood back as I sealed up the container, shook it up, and proceeded to shoot CO2 foam, baking soda, and vinegar all over myself. Michelle nearly died laughing, practically falling the ground.

I quickly diagnosed my errors, reloaded, and successfully launched the rocket about 50' into the air where it tipped over, and then headed right at my family. Fortunately, my mini-Scud missed all the Chors it augered into the field, cracking the nose cone and part of the body.

Buoyed by the successful launch and unswayed by the damaged rocket, I reloaded, stepped back, and waited for the second launch. And waited. And waited.

Like in a bad slapstick routine, I then walked up the stalled rocket, picked it up, shook it, and sprayed C02 foam, vinegar, and baking soda all over myself. Michelle, love of my life and my greatest supporter, was once again bent over with laughter.

Having exhausted our quart bottle of vinegar and virtually all of my pride, we packed up the debris and walked home with the kids saying, "Was that all?"

Anyway, if you can read directions, it's a pretty cool toy. They have a C02 powered rocket car and a rocket glider too (is it a glider if it's powered?)

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nb Reply

who knows a way to suspend the baking soda into the vinegar for a time delayed effect?

confused Reply

Do u know a way to make a baking soda & vinegar powered mini car no bigger than the size of a 2 liter soda bottle

Larry Reply

This is amazing
We are facing a CO2 crisis event being directly attributed to exacerbating global warming and you want 5 MILLION American kids to create more of the stuff.

Are you really that stupid ???

Hang On
Lets just go LIVE on Venus... Why not, that is what we are creating here.

Bit more cereBULL and less Full'o'Bull pls

Tony Reply

I'll be delighted when the biggest problem we face is the CO2 created by vinegar and baking soda rockets.

trent cairns Reply

you should try just use a c02 cartridge and superglue some wings to it and repost it on the website for our school project and tell us how it went.

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