I came across a fun and interesting web site called Politopia today. It's a quiz that tries to map you on a two dimensional political scale. One axis is "Government control of the economy", the other is "Personal Freedom". Not surprisingly, I wound up in the upper left quadrant of "More Personal Freedom" and "Less government control" e.g. the Libertarian corner, just SE of Ayn Rand.

The description of people like me was a bit eerily close (although I prefer to work at the office than at home and the drawing of me is not very good):

lnorthwest.gifNEO, a stereotypical Northwesterner

"Freedom to do whatever you'd like, as long as you don't interfere with the equal freedom of others."

My name is Neo, and I'm a software designer on the NW coast. I usually work from home, or from my sailboat while on an extended cruises. I've got friends of all stripes-some are making a lot of money in the software industry, some are gay, some are economists, some use recreational drugs, some are very religious-what they all have in common is that they're all very open-minded and tolerant.

I tend to be optimistic about the future. I believe that the most important natural resource is human creativity and that people should be able to pursue their hopes and dreams without interference from anyone else. While I recognize the importance of enforcing property rights and contracts, I think that in general, government interference in the marketplace only stifles human creativity. Politically, I describe myself as a libertarian. I loathe paying taxes, I'm disgusted by the "war on drugs," which is really just a war on people, and I think it's certainly true that "there ain't no such thing as a free lunch."

The site is pretty fun too. You can mail invites to your friends then see where they wound up on the map. Where do you fall?

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Katya Reply

They seem to think that I belong to Centerville. I strenuously object!! I guess my answers on both sides were so extreme, they canceled each other out :O

- katya

P.S. Fun collection of musings, Tony!

Scott Reply

I am Southwesterner. :)

Merv, a stereotypical Southwesterner

"Personal Freedom and Economic Equality."

Hi, I'm Merv. I'm a television writer and producer, and I'm a "bleeding-heart liberal." That's right. I'm not going to apologize-I care about people. Those conservative corporate types are just stick-in-the-muds who are only interested in protecting their own pocketbooks and telling others what to do. Personally, I'm very tolerant of the personal lifestyle choices that other people make-after all, I deal with strung-out actors, a variety of men and women who work in the sex industry, and egomaniacal directors every day.

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