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As some of you have noticed, I've had a little issue with comment spam -- site operators who put their URLs in my comments to get their Google ratings to go up. It wasn't a big deal for a long time; I'd get onesy-twosy spams. Then, this week, I got something like 80/day (virtually one on every article). Aside from fact I didn't want links to porn sites in my comments (at least ones I hadn't put there...) it became a major pain to remove them.

Fortunately, there's a great Moveable Type (my blog engine) extension called MT-Blacklist that allows you to block comments by domain (vs. the useless IP banning built into Moveable Type) as well as remove comments by domain. Best of all it's free. That said, I've already gotten enough value that I'll donate to the author, Jay Allen.

I'm sure I'm the last blogger to discover MT-Blacklist, but if you haven't added it to your blog, you should do it today.

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