The ups and downs of golf

We've been in Hawaii for a week or so now, and I've had the good fortune to have played three rounds so far -- two on Mauna Lani South and one round at the legendary Mauna Kea. I finally broke 100 on my second round on Mauna Lani South (96)! Hurray! (Glad to get that stupid monkey off my back.) Turns out if you just don't screw up big you can break 100. I helped that I was hitting pretty well, especially off the tee.

Too bad I didn't take that lesson to heart on my round at Mauna Kea. Wow, what a beautiful and frickin' hard course (slope 134) from the blue tees. I don't think I would have scored well anywhere the way I was hitting, but it was made worse by the difficulty of the course. 590 yard par 5 up hill? Really? No level lies anywhere? Crazy greens with very pronounced grain? A duffer like me had no chance. I won't publish my score here because it would violate a dozen obscenity laws, but sufficed to say it was much higher than 100.

Hopefully, I'll get a chance to play again before we leave Hawaii. Stay tuned...

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