The Road Ahead

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We recently went to the Arboretum here in Seattle with some good friends. The flowers are starting to bloom and the weather was really lovely. Of course, I got no good flower photos, but I did get a good shot of the boys. (It's hard to get one where Michael isn't whacking Andrew, about to whack Andrew, or just finishing whacking Andrew.)

I messed with the photo a bunch (obviously). I like it. Thoughts?


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joeb Reply

this photo rocks.

did you use a microsoft product to do the cool effect?

how many *hours* did it take? :)

Tony Reply

Thanks. No Microsoft products were harmed in creating this photo. I used Photoshop.

It was actually a pretty quick deal. I probably spent less than 30 min on it. I love layers (and my Wacom tablet.)

Leslie Reply

Very cool job, Tony. I like it a lot.

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