Goodbye to Tam O'Shanter

tamoshanterlv1.jpgA bit of Las Vegas history is gone forever. The 45-year old Tam O'Shanter Motel was torn down in January to make room for a new 22 story addition to the neighboring Venetian Hotel.

I never stayed at Tam O'Shanter, but I always looked forward to seeing it on my trips to LV. My two best high school buddies and I went to Las Vegas for our senior trip and for some reason, Tam O'Shanter struck us as really funny.

(Well, we were too young to gamble or drink, so all we could do was make fun of silly hotel names. Sad, I know, but it was funny and even more so as our brains suffered from the insulin tidal wave caused by the food debauchery of the Circus Circus buffet. I guess you had to be there.)

I like seeing the crazy big hotels on the Strip get even crazy bigger, but I'm sad to see bits of old LV go.

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TonE Reply

LV will never be the same. Sniff. At least they still have buffets.

Mathias from Germany Reply

Yes, it's sad!!
I spend two times (1996+2000) at that motel. In 2000 we had 2 nights before our wedding. I remember about the 50's style motel and there employees.
'hope that a time will come where this kind of motels will be rebuild.

(Las Vegas fan from germany)

Alan Reply

Stayed here in July 1974 as a visiting RAF crew from England. We thought the location was just great, could walk to all the big name hotels nearby. During our stay it rained the first time since previous Christmas - bought our English weather with us. Happy days - sorry its gone.

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