Golf camp postmortem

Well, I survived my three days of Resort Golf golf camp. It was actually pretty cool. There were just three of us with the one instructor, Tom. We spent a lot of time on grip and posture (even the other student, Scott, who has a three handicap needed work here.) The video analysis of our setup and swings confirmed we all needed work on these. It was really super enlightening to see it on screen.

For me, the class verified that I overswing and am just too flexible, so keeping my timing is hard. When I swing smoothly, it feels like I'm not doing anything, but the ball goes, so it must be right.

The other great thing was learning how to hit the various short game shots. Immediately during our practice rounds, my short game was better (including pitching up close to the hole on a par 5 for my tap in birdie.) I think I might actually be able to hit a ball out of the sand now.

Our instructor Tom was a good guy and a good instructor. It was a fun few days. I highly recommend it if you want to get better. Just be sure to put sunscreen on...

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