The best rum in the world

I'm not usually a big rum fan unless it's mixed with Coke or something, but I just had a glass of Cruzan Single Barrel Estate Rum. Damn, it's good. Very, very smooth. It is reminscent of good scotch without the peat or smoke. It's a more clean, sugar cane taste.

This is the world's best rum. I think so. So did the 2000 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Anyway, it's delicious.

It will also kick your ass. I've been sipping an albeit generous pour this evening and can already feel it go to my head. How good.

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Eric Reply

hey tony! long time no talk. anyhow, our family got your news years card and i found the website from it. I like your DHTML work on the photogallery and where did you get the source for the blog? if its open source i may have to use it too.

and wow! my nephews are REALLY cute! i like the redmond fire department pic and the chefs the best! i'm also glad that the mischevious boy gene seems to run on that side of the family too!

and... hehe... you look very dad-like. Haha! Eric strikes again! Before i saw your pics, i thought, "i bet tony looks the same," and you DO, but somehow you look dad-like, too. Good work.

Anyways, your kids are real cute, tell them they have an uncle that's actually cool and tell michelle that I said hi and I wish you guys the best in 2004.


Eric Reply

lol... i've just been informed that "cousins kids" does not equal "nephews". i have no idea what they are then. anyways, i just realized i'm a retard.

Also, i just realized what's ives doing? last i remember ws retirement and lucy's fishing trip. is he still playing bass?

robin ogaldez Reply

This is a commercial or what? the best rum in the world, is the Zacapa centenario, if you consider yourself an expert in rums you, should try, I've tested myself and this Cruzam its crap compared with zacapa...but Zacapa Centenario is very dificult to find here in europe I had to ordered through internet...

Tony Reply

I'm certainly no rum expert and don't claim to be. Thanks for the tip on the Zacapa Centenario.

David Reply

How does the Cruzan Single Barrel Estate Rum compare to the Baccardi 1873 Amber Rum?

Tony Reply

I haven't tried the Bacardi 1873 Amber. One more to try. Thanks!

jake Reply

in my opinion zacapa centenario 23 is absolutely flawless.amazing. just extraordinary.the only better ron in the world is zacapa xo,25 y old, but it's so hard to find! all the ron made before 1895 have a strong personality, but speaking about taste nothing compares with zacapa.

Cris Reply

I was blown away the first time I tried Zacapa Centenario. I found it at a bar in Italy of all places. It is absolutely delicious ... This rum is featured in Caribbean Week

Tony Reply

OK, lots of votes for the Zacapa Centenario. I'll definitely have to try it.

Who knew this would be the hot topic on my blog... :)

Tom Reply

Hello Rum Group,

If you like all of the above mentioned, I highly, HIGHLY, recommend Appelton Estate's 21 year old rum. It is difficult to come by but a masterful rum. I just returned from Jamaica and brought home a bottle. I can't say enough wonderful things about this spirit!


billy Reply


luis donis Reply

Well i can say that im form Guatemala and i love Zacapa Centenarioa if any one of u like pls write and we can send to u -with a very nice price-rgds Luis Donis

Ronald Og Reply

hey, Ron Zacapa Centenario, is the best, only one.

Tisco Reply

The best rum in the world, without a doubt, is Zacapa Centenario (100% Chapin)!

Mauricio Reply

hello I just want to mention that Zacapa has a site in and there i found where in US and Italy i could buy it. so I hope we all can continue enjoy this wonderful rum from Guatemala, I have to agree it is the best I ve seen it more and more here in US it is great

mauricio Reply

Sorry the right web adress is

Neptali Reply

Try Venezuelan Ron Santa Teresa A

JP Reply

Hi all,

I have to say that the Coyopa rum (R.L.Seale) from Barbados has to be the smoothest tastiest rum straight up I have ever tried. The only problem is finding more of it. :')

Womiez Reply

El Dorado, from Guyana.
Give the 15 or 21 year old a try

Blue Reply

Just by coincidence I was searching for a rum while on vacation in New Orleans and I ended up buying a bottle of the Zacapa Centenario 23yo.
I was searching for a bottle of Pyrat Reserve but still have not found it.

I also bought a bottle of Pampero, Ron Anejo Aniversario, one of the best Venezuelan rums.

I love the Havana club 7yo. Even better is the Barbancourt 15yo.

Acram Reply

The Cacique house of venezuelan rum, came out with a limited edition 3000 bottles of CACIQUE ANTIGUO.... VERY VERY NICE... PROBABLY THE BEST

Mark Reply

Zacapa is a good rum. But my vote for the best Rum would has to go to "Brugal Siglo de Oro, Seleccion Especial", Which comes in a Blue porcelain bottle. Made by the Brugal Corporation, in the Dominican Republic. This is by far the best Ron in the world.

Leah Reply

I am so sorry, but the best rum in the world is Goslings from Bermuda. Try it out! Every restaurant and bar should stock it.

j9 Reply

the best rum by fsr is Flor de Cana Centenario 12 yr from Nicaragua. Simply the best - so hard to find tho.

Adrian Reply

I recommend that you try a few of these rums from Barbados, birth place of rum

Mount Gay 300th annaversiary blend -- expect to pay quite a pretty penny as this is a limited edition special blend (saw 300cl bottle go for $500US at auction)
Mount Gay Black

Mount Gay Extra Old - this is my favourite... no ice, just a little water

Four Square Spiced

Doorlys XO


Rummy Reply

Mt Gay Extra Old is my personal favourite. I also enjoy Cockspur Old Gold (not the smoothest, but definitely great for parties).

Teo Reply

you all talking about zacapa. well it is very good but try the Cacique antiguo from venezuela. it better zacpa 21yo. i used to drink zacapa centenario but after i tried cacique antiguo, well i found a new favorite.

Bruce Hobson Reply

Interesting coments about the rums, but folks offer more personal preferences (which is fine) than comprehensive thoughts about what makes a good rum good. Interesting that Flor de Ca

Emil Reply

I've just recently come across this post, and noticed the opinions regarding the "best" rum in the world. A book I read a while ago suggested that the best rum in the world is the one in your glass. The comments above prove that. In my oppinion there is no such thing as the "best" in any spirits category due to the fact that everyone's taste differs. What the comments above tell me is that Zacapa is the overall best liked rum in this forum, but not neseccarily best rum. Another thing that should be taken into account is that a lot of the rums spoken of above all come from different countries which bring different properties to their native rum. This is due to differences in climate, soil, production methods etc. The same reason why you get different whiskies coming from different areas of Scotland as well as different countries. All uniquely different, not necessarily better. No matter how many people agree on one rum being the "best" there will always be at least one person who will disagree. At the end of the day, the best rum is the one you like most.

Sergey Reply

El Dorado 15 is beyond comparison the best I ever had. Rich, smooth, intense flavor and delicious. Needs just a little water to bring out the taste, but no ice. Bought a bottle in Antigua a few weeks ago and am still kicking myself for not bringing back a few bottles - and for not trying the 21, since it does not appear to be available in the US.

nick Reply

The best rum in the world is Barbancourt from Haiti. There is no competition there.

lukas Reply

Ron Medellin A

Don Reply

I have just come back from my central america and caribean tour and I found that Colombia has very good rums, even though they are not very well known (Colombia wasn't part of the tour but I went for 2 weeks). I brought 2 brands to Canada that are the best there, and believe me they're very good: Ron Medellin Anejo and Ron Viejo de Caldas. It may be a personal taste, but I tried different ones and I don't change these two for any other. I feel bad I can't get them here.

ana Reply

FLOR DE CANA IS THE BEST RUM IN THE WORLD!! IT WON THE 2005 BEST RUM AWARD SO the ones that talk about ZACAPA'S rum, let me tell you, that now flor de cana has taken its place. I am a rum expert and the taste is unbelievable, so even if the taste is really similar, you will notice the difference. FLOR DE CANA CENTENARIO 21.

Stavros Reply

THE WORLD'S BEST RUM YOU ASK!!!!...........EL DORADO. there is no comparision and for those who say other wise, well you just don't know what fabulous rum is.
Do yourselves a favor buys stocks in the company that rum is very special.


Steve Reply

The best rum is definitely Pampero 15 years.
Ron de Medellin anejo has a well earned second place!

VirgilP234 Reply

The best rum in the world is a classic blend from the Dominican Republic. Siglo de Oro, by Brugal. There is no doubt about it, Jamaica, Cuba Puerto Rico, even some of the small West Indies have pleasant rums but nothing comapres to it. Now people will dream on the falacy tha Cuba has some of the best rums, but one has to ask oneself, is it due to the embargo that the dreams has been created or, due credit is due to the one that deserves it ? You be judge !!!!

jason Reply

The best rum in the world by far was is Siglo de Oro, By Brugal, but there is a rum that its almost 10 times cheapes that surpass it ... I Have travel the world on rum tasting contest, and have consulted many people considered professionals on the field, including my dear friend Peter from ( who like me, have tasted over 5,000 different blends.
this is the only rum that does not posses a bitter taste, nor is sweet, is tender on the mouth like apple juice, its aroma its not strong nor weak, it contains 40% of alcohool and you could swear it only have 20%, Like aged wishisky theres no such thing as too much fermentation,
the best rum in the world was made 10 years ago, the company went bankrupt and store thousand of barrels in one of its warehouses in the mountains, (maybe thats the secret of its mistique taste), and now the company has emerged from being bankrupt and have a SPECIAL RESERVE, with the mix of those aged blends with new ones it make the unique.......

"RON SIBONEY Reserva Especial"

it blows everithing out of the water, try it.

aaron Reply

I am somewhat new to being a rum conisseur, however the two that top my short list so far are. . .10 Cane from Trinidad and Rhum Barbancourt from Haiti. The latter is a bit harder to find. The Barbancourt is incredibly smooth with a distincive caramel taste. The smell alone is intoxicating. It is over 80 proof but tastes around 70 proof with just a hint of bite. The 10 Cane is majestic! It has a pleasant viscosity and the taste, while more caustic that Barbancourt, is smooth and flavorful.

tom Reply

If you live in Jacksonville total wine has barbencourt 15year but only stocks 1 bottle at a time. They also have ron zacapo 23anos they had 5 in stock when I picked 1 up today. They have a 10 cane also however I didnt buy one. Thought I would let evey one know, I like the cruzan single barrel and I will shortley know what I think of the zacapo and next week when they get in another bottle of parbencourt 15 I will let you know what I think of it I did buy a bottle of the barbencourt 8 year old stuff.


Erika Reply

Does anyone know where I can purchase Brugal EXTRA Viejo Rum from in the US?

george Reply

ron del barrillito, among the many rums from puerto rico, has got to be the best i have tasted/best in the world. good luck finding it outside of puerto rico since the quantities produced are small when compared to it's cousin,world famous bacardi.

David Reply

The best sipping rum is the one that appeals to your own particular taste buds. For me it's Pyrat XO Reserve bottled in Antigua.

Pablo Reply

If speaking about 'the best rum in the world', please leave aside any talk of Bacardi or any other PR rum from this dialogue. I'd put Havana Club (7 Years) and HC Anejo Reserva against any other rums out there, period. My bottle of Zacapa 23 years sits in my apt collecting dust, merely for show since HC is what I prefer to drink on a regular basis. Ron Abuelo 7 years from Panama is another excellent anejo and who can deny Rhum Barbancourt 15 years or Santa Teresa 1796? All great. But I'd still have to go with Havana Club 7 Years as 'pound for pound' one of the best rums in the world. I've yet to try Havana Club Cuban Barrel Proof & when I have a spare $1500 to spend on HC Maximo (Extra Anejo) I'll try that one too. Thank you.

Tony Reply

Pablo, I'm with you. I really love Havana Club 7. Too bad you can't get it in the US. I didn't like the HC Anejo as much, but I need to try it again to be sure...

Brian Reply

Just getting hooked on great rums after enjoying a bottle of Westerhall Plantation Rum - lovely.
I recommend the El Dorado 12 or 15 yr old.

I'm always in search of a great rum! Cheers!

Jav Reply

I just tried Flor de Cana Centenario Gold 18 yr old. WOW!

Michael Reply

My wife and I are relatively new to the world of rum. Our favorite in the past has always been Ron Zacapa 23 yo. About two years ago we compared Zacapa 23 with several other rums, and we rated it by far the best. Well we ran out of Zacapa, and we went to the local liquor store and tried to find a replacement. We compared Sea Wynde (rated 96 out of 100) and Gosling Black Seal with a really old bottle of Capt Morgan's Private Stock. In the past we liked the Capt Morgan's PS a lot better than the regular Capt Morgan's, but it didn't really compare to the top-tier rums that we tried.
This time, however, the Captain Morgan's was the best! Black Seal was OK, kind of bland. The Sea Wynde was gasoline-like. My wife and I had exactly the same reaction to all three. Does anyone have a similar experience? If alcohol is kept in a near empty bottle for a few years does it get smoother?

Benny Reply

Everybody has their tastes, but the best rums come from Gautamala. Zaya ans Ron Zacapa are absolutely the best. Appleton Estate 21 yr from Jamaica is also very good, but extremely pricey.
Enjoy your rum!

Kate Reply

Wow this certainly seems the place for rum recommendations! I saw Cruzan brand at the top, and that is my favorite brand I've tried so far.

Can anybody recommend a good rum (under $50) that is clear and unflavored? I am searching for a gift for somebody.


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