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So, Michelle picks Michael up after school. Michael is clearly mad.

Michelle - "What's wrong, pumpkin?"
Michael - "I hate Nicholas."
Michelle - "What happened?"
Michael - "He punched me in the hand."
Michelle - "Oh, Michael. You don't hate him. He just did a bad thing. Why do you think he punched you in the hand? Did you do something to make him mad?"

Michael - "I punched him in the heart."
Michelle - "Well, Michael, you can't blame someone for punching you back if you punched him first."
Michael - "I know, but I hate it when they defend themselves."

Ah, my little bully.

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Dean Reply

Scaring me. Tremendously.

Chris Reply

I LOVE the Michael stories :)

Leslie Reply

Yes, the Michael stories are great because he's NOT MINE!

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