OK, this is the coolest thing I've seen for a while. I will probably have to get it, and maybe more than one.

xray_show_f.jpgI'm talking about the Scott eVest. This is a jacket with a thirty pockets (42 with the zip-out liner) plus channels that connect the pockets so you can run wires between them to create your own personal area network. These guys have done a great job with clever design points like being able to divide pockets so you can keep stuff from banging together or to hold up a water bottle.

Camera gear, phones, other gadgets? No problem. And, to protect all your gear, the "Stealth" edition (originally built for the Secret Service) adds side zippers so you can reach your gun. Slick.

Tons of pockets without looking like you're on safari or going fishing. I love it.

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