Christmas and Nazis?!

I love Christmas music. I really do. So, we were listening to Christmas songs on the radio the other day. As usual, My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music came on.


It strikes me as very odd that this has become a Christmas song. What is Christmasy about it? I'm not sure why a song from a show about a family running from Nazis has somehow become a Christmas song.

And why does Barbara Streisand sing Christmas songs? I like Jews. Some of my best friends are Jews. It just seems weird that a Jewish person has a Christmas album. Of course, that might explain the connection between The Sound of Music and Christmas. I guess everything comes back to the Nazis with the Jewish. Even Christmas songs. The great Jewish conspiracy hard at work again...

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Laura Reply

That had to be the most stupid post I have ever read.

Tony Reply

You clearly haven't read the rest of my blog. There are a lot of posts that are even more stupid...

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